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Bethanie Baynes

Creating awareness, building communities and providing resources for women who are the sole or primary earners for their households.

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Hi, I’m Bethanie.

I’m a tireless women’s advocate and recognized leader on the topic of breadwinning women. As a proud breadwinning woman myself, I was shocked at the lack of in-depth and engaging resources, as well as the general negative sentiment surrounding this role. Over the past several years, I’ve embarked on a journey to shed a positive and motivating light on the complexities of this role. Breadwinning women are a growing segment of our society with a multitude of unique circumstances, both inside and outside the home. To date, this has been a silent community that I’m passionate about giving a voice to.

Are you ready to break through the stereotypes about breadwinning women, together?

Places I’ve been featured

Bethanie has shared her advice, insights and experiences with companies, conferences, communities and beyond. 

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Compelling advocate for awareness, change and growth

My mission is to create awareness, build community and provide resources for women who are the sole or primary earners for their households, regardless of the makeup of that household. In early 2019, I created the Breadwinning Women of Google community which has grown to over 2000 women in over 20 countries. In building this community, I have honed a thoughtful and candid approach to supporting breadwinning women while engaging supportive individual allies and organizations alike. Additionally, I have decades of experience in topics surrounding women in the workplace, women in leadership, career guidance, company culture and the tech industry. 

What makes a breadwinner?

Women identify as her households breadwinner whether she is the sole or primary earner for her household; whether she is single or partnered, a mother or child-free, part of a dual-income household or has a stay at home partner, in a same-sex or hetero relationship, caring for elderly parents, extended family members, or any other household setup. 

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Listen to my podcast

Working Wife, Happy Life!


Building an active community of women and men who are interested in learning more about the triumphs and tribulations of being a breadwinning woman in today’s world. Hear from entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, celebrities and industry leaders as they share their stories of how they themselves have risen to success or overcome obstacles; how they’ve seen those around them face challenges and opportunities; all while balancing their roles at home, at work, and in society. 

Bethanie is a natural -- our conversations flow so effortlessly. We are so lucky to have her at the helm of this imperative conversation. She will truly lift us all as we strive for a more open and understanding society of bucking outdated gender norms.

Eve Rodsky, NYT Best-Selling Author (Fair Play)

Articles, Speeches & Interviews


Raising Mothers Up Panel - HeyMama

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This workplace bias is hurting women’s earning potential—let’s change that this year (CNBC)

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Free your inner financial badass. Bethanie Baynes (Podcast)

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Fran Hauser: "The Myth of the Nice Girl" (Talks At Google)

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Women In Technology International: Our Adventures In Tech (Panel)

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When She Makes More by Farnoosh Torabi (Talks at Google)


You Know What Dads Don't Need This Father's Day? Momsplaining (Refinery29)


Breadwinning Women, with Bethanie Baynes (Podcast)

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Alysia Reiner, David Alan Basche, Madeline Di Nonno: "EGG" (Talks At Google)

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How Google’s Bethanie Baynes overcame gender bias in the tech industry


Official Speaker at NYC Women's March 2020


Thriving as a female in tech and family breadwinner with Google's Bethanie Baynes (Podcast)

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Eve Rodsky: "Fair Play" (Talks At Google)

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Anna Gunn, Alysia Reiner, Sarah Megan Thomas, Meera Menon, & Amy Fox: "Equity" 

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